Friday's Development


These are the typical requirements for this type of store. However, we recognize that on special occasions these requirements might differ due to specific site requirements, government regulations, etc.


  • 450-750+ sqm


  • Near Main Mall Entrance
  • Corner
  • Near Cinema’s
  • Patio outside and/or inside
  • Access from Main traffic flow
  • Quality adjacent tenants• Between large traffic generators.
  • Preference is that mall have or be near good public transport connections


  • Minimum width for dining room should be 12 meters
  • 12 meters minimum frontage towards main shopper’s traffic flow
  • Sufficient Contiguous space to allow a single level restaurant with open kitchen
  • Same convenience as direct competitors
  • 3.5M minimum height
  • Toilets in premises
  • Separate service entrance
  • Average BOH is 30%, however size could vary due to governmental codes in some markets.


  • Preferred 30 seconds of visibility as approached at normal traffic speed
  • Visibility from nearest mall entrance using signage or prominent façade
  • Visibility from main street using signage or prominent façade
  • Visibility from cinema


  • Wide on main floor
  • Direct access from shopper’s main traffic flow and separate street access
  • At least as direct as shoppers access to direct competitors
  • Channel letters on top with circular tag line under


  • Must stand out in area
  • Strong façade signage to underline presence
  • Please ask for façade design or review in attached web site section


  • Within acceptable distance from the center of the trade area or no more than half the distance to the end of the trade area

Utility Requirements:

  • Electrical – 1000 AMP; 120/208V 3PHASE/4WIRE
  • Natural Gas – 4 “ Line – 2255.6 CFH
  • Water (Potable) – 2” Line – 90 GPM
  • Water (Fire Protect) – 6” Line or 60 PSI
  • Sanitary Sewer – 6” Line – 400 GPM
  • Telephone – 2” Conduit
  • HVAC – 1 Ton per 125 SF

Leasing Terms:

  • 10 year lease time preferred
  • No continuous operation clause
  • Minor remodel
  • Major remodel with LL approval
  • Right to sublease and assign
  • Flexibility in hours of operation
  • Quality adjacent tenancy